Microsoft Xbox One Customer Support woes

Update 4 (Mon 20th January 2014)

GameFront picked up on the story and ran an article on 17th January which you can read here.

As I last heard from Xbox Support on Saturday 11th January, I dropped them an email on Saturday 18th January, I have yet to hear anything back.

Update 3 (Wed 15th January 2014)

Since informing Microsoft via email on Saturday 11th that I didn't accept their offer of 1 months Xbox Live as resolution to the issue - I have yet to hear anything back.  4 days have now passed since my last contact.  A tweet to Larry Hyrb asking if he thought this was acceptable customer support has been ignored.

Update 2 (Saturday 11th January 2014)

The replacement controller arrived with me on Saturday, January 11th, almost a month after originally contacting Microsoft.  I am out of pocket £55 (£45 for a replacement controller so I could use the brand new Xbox One over Xmas and £10 to ship the half assembled controller back to Microsoft).  I have spent about 3-4 hours on the phone and sent countless emails.

I phoned Support today to try and tie up the loose ends.  I was offered 2 months of Xbox Live as compensation for my trouble.  Given that I don't often use Live to play games, and the fact that it's worth about £2.60 you can see why I felt a little insulted.  I said that wasn't an acceptable resolution given my out of pocket expenses because of the fault of Microsoft in shipping a defective product to me with my console, not to mention the distress caused at Xmas by this whole mess.  The Support Rep said she would escalate to a higher team.

That team emailed me later that evening to offer me (wait for it) - 1 month's Xbox Live.  Yes, that's one month LESS than what the support representative offerred me earlier in the day.  

Once again I emailed through a reply detailing everything and told them the resolution was not acceptable.  I am still awaiting a reply.

Update 1 (December 19th 2013)

Microsoft resolutely and stubbornly WILL NOT ship out a replacement controller without first receiving the busted controller which arrived packed in with the console.  It doesn't matter that the console is unusable, it doesn't matter that there is only 1 week left to Christmas; Microsoft support simply will not move.

The only option left to me is to buy a controller with my own money (£45 - £50) then pack up the DOA controller and send it at my own expense to the Czech Republic (International Postage costs as I live in the UK).

It's now December 19th and I can expect a replacement controller sometime around the 2nd week of January.

The whole process is ridiculous and possibly even breaking the law as consumers should not be out of pocket when returning faulty items, they certainly shouldn't have to pay the postage costs.

I think it's fair to say that Microsoft Support regarding the Xbox One if your console arrives with a broken pad is a total mess of epic proportions.

I'll be shipping the controller today.

Original Story

I purchased an Xbox One Day One Forza 5 Edition console from Amazon UK (not a reseller).  It arrived on December 6th 2013.  I decided to check the contents on December 16th 2013 to ensure that all was well in time for Christmas day.  The first thing I unpacked was the day one controller and I was amazed to see that the controller was in a half built state with both rear side panels missing.  I'm unsure how Microsoft managed to package this into the box in such a state.  I immediately contacted Amazon UK who responded within an hour with their apologies.  The informed me that normally they would send an immediate replacement in time for Xmas but as this was they Day One edition, they had no stock and wouldn't be able to source any.  They offered either a full refund or a small refund if I decided to keep it and chase up a replacement with Microsoft.  I didn't want to be without the console over xmas so accepted to keep it and take the matter up with Microsoft.

I spent quite a bit of time that evening on Live Chat and also on the phone with a Microsoft Support Representative.  Unfortunately, they flat out refused to send out a replacement controller until they received the faulty one.  I didn't accept this as a solution as there would be no way to get this turned around in time for xmas.  If they sent a replacement immediately, they had plenty of time for it to reach me before xmas day - 6 working days to be precise.  The Rep on the phone suggested I buy another pad while the returns process was going on.  This suggestion was not acceptable to me but seemed like a good idea to the Rep who said that it was 'better to have 2 controllers'.

I asked to speak to the Supervisor but was told that he would be on a call until 'closing time' and would not be able to speak to me.  When I queried how long was left until closing time, it turned out to be 3 hours.  I'm glad I'm not paying their phone bill.

I told them I didn't accept the resolution, took their details and sent off details of everything as a complaint via email.  I included photographs and proof of purchase along with the console serial number and live chat ID.  I have yet to recieve a response.

I then took the matter up with @xboxsupport and @xboxsupport2 and it was suggested to me that I buy a controller while the returns process is ongoing.  I was told that when the Microsoft replacement arrived, I should pretend that the controller which I bought to tide me over was faulty and get a refund.  This is all in the public domain on Twitter (look up @grayhairedgam3r).

In essence, Microsoft included a half built controller which is effectively Dead On Arrival.  This makes the console DOA as it can't be played.  Currently, if either the console or kinect is DOA Microsoft will immediately send a replacement without waiting for the customer to send off their faulty item.  They will also include a free game.

Instead of Microsoft sending me a replacement controller immediately with a pre-paid envelope to return the half built controller, I'm instead asked to do something dishonest while they rigidly follow their ridiculous procedures so I face the xmas period without use of the console because of disgraceful QA on the part of Microsoft on packing up the console and accessories.

@xboxsupport told me to contact them via phone, but as I explained I had already done this to no avail.  My son is also currently in hospital and I really don't have time to be chasing this up, I have already lost one evening to the shoddy workmanship of the product.

That Microsoft cannot send me a replacement controller in time for Xmas for a DOA product is a disgrace.  That they suggested I make a dishonest transaction is beyond belief.

Pictures are below, you can make your own mind up.  All I want is a replacement controller in time for Xmas to make up for receiving a half built controller in my day one console bundle.

Part of the tweet conversation:

@xboxsupport - Sorry that you feel that way. You can purchase another controller, to have while yours is away. ^PS

@grayhairedgam3r - So you send out a half built controller then advise I pay £50 for a temp replacement? Very nice

@xboxsupport  - You won't need a Day One controller to fill in while you ship yours away, and you can return it when your's gets back ^PS

@grayhairedgam3r - How can I return it if its open and used? Genuine question. Anyway, I shouldnt have to, thats the point as its your error.

@xboxsupport - You can tell return it and say it didn't work. Keep the receipt. ^PS





I feel your pain. I've been having similar issues today when trying to return my Day One Edition controller which has packed in less than 2 months old. I had the same about having to pay for shipping to the Czech Republic which is a disgrace. I can honestly say that Xbox support is quite possibly the worst i have ever encountered and that's saying something. Keep up the fight and please let us all know the final outcome.

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